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Common application areas of titanium metal materials!

Date:2024-03-04 16:46:39       Number of views:

1. Aerospace field

Titanium and titanium alloys are used in the rocket, missile, and spacecraft industries for high-pressure containers, fuel storage tanks, rocket engines, and missile casings. Spacecraft cabin skin and structural framework, main landing gear, lunar module, etc.

2. Military industry

In the corrosive environment of the ocean, titanium materials are widely used by warships and submarines, for example, the base of modern mortars is made of titanium alloy.

3. Chemical system

Soda ash industry, chlor alkali industry, bleaching powder industry, urea industry, and other chemical industries.

4. Applications in the petroleum industry

Refineries widely use titanium equipment in processes such as catalytic cracking, process water treatment, hydrogenation refining, desulfurization, unsaturated separation, hydrogen purification, reforming, tubular distillation, and polymerization reactions.

5. Application of Metallurgical Industry

The use of titanium equipment is of great significance in improving production efficiency, solving common problems such as running, emitting, dripping, and leaking in wet metallurgy, and reducing environmental pollution.

6. Application of Ocean Engineering

Early seawater desalination and oil drilling equipment used materials such as copper alloys and carbon steel, which were not resistant to seawater corrosion and had low production efficiency. They were quickly replaced by titanium materials with excellent seawater corrosion resistance.

7. The application of titanium in medicine

There are two main aspects: pharmaceuticals and human implantation.

8. The automotive manufacturing industry

Due to its lightweight, high strength, high elasticity, and good corrosion resistance, titanium can play a comprehensive role in weight reduction, energy conservation, shock absorption, noise reduction, pollution reduction, lifespan extension, and improving the safety and comfort of automobiles when applied in automobiles. It is an ideal material for achieving lightweight automotive design.

9. Other fields such as sports and leisure.

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