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Application of titanium mesh

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Titanium mesh is mainly used for screening and filtration under acidic and alkaline environmental conditions, or for gas and liquid filtration and other media separation. There are three methods available: plain weave, twill weave, and dense weave. Due to the difficulty in drawing titanium wire, currently the most skilled titanium wire in China can achieve a fineness of 0.05mm. Titanium wire has low elongation, high strength, high elasticity, and low flexibility. This greatly limits the production of high mesh titanium mesh. The specification of titanium mesh is 1 mesh to 400 mesh.

Plain titanium mesh

It is a common weaving method, characterized by the same density of warp and weft wire diameters.

Twill titanium mesh

The titanium wire used for twill weave titanium mesh has a slightly thicker diameter than ordinary plain weave wire, and the woven mesh has a greater strength. It is suitable for industries such as petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, aerospace, and has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, strong tensile resistance, and wear resistance.

Titanium dense mesh

Plain weave pure titanium mesh and twill weave pure titanium mesh Performance: It has characteristics of stable and fine filtration performance. Usage: Used in industries such as aerospace, petroleum, and chemical.

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