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What are the uses of titanium wire

Date:2023-10-09 16:30:26       Number of views:

Our common titanium products are titanium plates, titanium rods, titanium standard parts, titanium dioxide, and even titanium wires. With the continuous research and development of titanium, its application fields are becoming increasingly widespread, and there are also more and more titanium, titanium alloys, and various titanium products. Let's take a look at the classification and uses of titanium wire.

Titanium wire can generally be divided into pure titanium wire and titanium alloy titanium wire based on whether the raw material is pure titanium or titanium alloy; It can also be divided into titanium alloys, near alloys, (+) alloys, near alloys, and alloys based on their composition. It can also be classified based on the different properties of titanium wire, or based on other factors. However, the classification basis for other titanium wires is limited and can be adjusted according to different parameters in various industries.

The basic characteristics of titanium, such as corrosion resistance, high hardness, non magnetism, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, etc. This has led to a wide range of applications for titanium products.

At present, the application fields of titanium are still concentrated in aviation, aerospace, chemical, medical, automotive, construction, sports, industry, leisure, and other fields. So far, titanium is still in short supply and has great potential for development.

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