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Application of Titanium Bars in Chemical Industry

Date:2023-10-09 16:30:00       Number of views:

Application of Titanium Bars in Chemical Industry

In chemical production, replacing stainless steel, nickel based alloys, and other rare metals with titanium as corrosion resistant materials is of great significance for titanium rod manufacturers to prevent pollution, reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, improve labor environment, and improve product quality. In recent years, titanium has become one of the main anti-corrosion materials in chemical equipment, Mainly used in distillation tower reactors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, separators, condensers, connections, piping accessories, etc. Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium material, it can reduce metal ion pollution and improve product quality. For example, in vacuum salt production, if steel is used as equipment, insoluble iron oxide will be generated. The salt produced is mostly grade three products, and after switching to titanium material, impurities will not be generated, The level of salt has been raised to the first level. Equipment in the pharmaceutical industry often comes into contact with media such as hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, sulfuric acid, and their salts, resulting in severe pollution and corrosion. After updating the titanium equipment, the first level product rate has been increased from 75% to 100%.

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