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Titanium standard parts

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Titanium screws and nuts are tools that use the physical and mathematical principles of oblique circular rotation and frictional force of objects to gradually tighten objects and machinery.

Material: TA1, TA2, TC4, Gr1, Gr2, Gr5

Products: titanium screws, titanium bolts, titanium nuts, titanium screws

Specification: M4~M25 × L

Standard: GB/T DINISO

Classification of titanium fasteners

1. Titanium screws: round head screws, self tapping screws, hexagonal screws, countersunk screws, flat head screws,

Square head screws, double head screws, non-standard screws, fastening screws, standard screws, flat head screws

Titanium bolts:

External hexagonal bolts, square neck bolts, half round head bolts, countersunk bolts, carriage bolts, combination bolts with washers, various instrument lathe bolts, non-standard bolts with special shapes. Uses: electroplating, aluminum oxidation (anodic decomposition), chemical, watch industry, medicine, aquaculture, electronic hardware, plastic and other industries.

3. Titanium nut type hexagonal nuts, self-locking nuts, ring round nuts, knurled nuts, slotted nuts, precision machinery hexagonal nuts, and non-standard nuts.

Application of Titanium Standard Parts

Titanium screws are essential industrial necessities in daily life, such as extremely small screws used in glasses, electronics, etc; General screws for television, electrical products, etc; Transportation equipment, airplanes, cars, etc. are used with both large and small screws. Titanium screws, titanium alloy screws, titanium fasteners, titanium standard parts, titanium nuts, titanium screws, titanium nuts, titanium washers

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