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Titanium pipeline welding process

Date:2023-10-09 16:21:57       Number of views:

The titanium pipeline welding process uses manual tungsten inert gas shielded welding (GTAW) welding method in the atmosphere. Before welding, remove oil stains from the inner and outer surfaces of the titanium pipe groove and within 25mm on both sides. Then, use mechanical methods such as austenitic stainless steel wire brushes and reamers to remove the oxide film, burrs, and surface defects. Cleaning tools should be dedicated and kept clean; After mechanical cleaning, the surface of the groove and the filler wire should be degreased with sulfur-free acetone or ethanol before welding. During the welding process, special protective measures are taken to ensure that the temperature of the titanium pipe welding area may exceed 400 ℃, partially or entirely, is effectively protected by argon gas, achieving the purpose of titanium pipe welding.

Construction preparation → material acceptance → marking inspection → cutting and groove processing → edge treatment of groove → assembly of welding parts → welding → appearance inspection of welding seam → PT and RT inspection of welding seam → water pressure test of prefabricated pipe section → drainage and drying → closed transportation of pipe orifice → on-site assembly.

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